The Company

Going above and beyond since 2006

Purplefarm helps licensed producers, designated growers, and ACMPR patients grow amazing medical cannabis.

Our History

Purplefarm was created in 2006 to respond to the emerging demand in the Canadian market for expertise in the regulated medical cannabis field. We have spent the past 12 years working alongside government agencies, medical cannabis patients, and designated growers to consistently produce the highest quality of cannabis yields that are tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. Equal attention has been given to ensuring consistency, medical standards, and full legal compliance with the dynamically shifting Canadian regulatory environment.


As of July 2017, there were over 200,000 registered medical cannabis clients in Canada, with well over 100,000 medical cannabis clients being registered in 2017 alone. This is incredibly exciting for those of us who have been here from the very beginning of the regulated medical cannabis industry. We have witnessed firsthand how necessary medical cannabis is and the benefit it provides to so many patients, and the explosive growth in this field has opened up many creative opportunities and innovations. We have been not just been witnesses to these changes, but have been leading participants in this rapidly transforming field.


Cultivating quality cannabis is a complex and delicate process which takes experience, care, and the proper technology.  We have learned a lot, having refined our techniques over decades of study and experience. We started working with a single client back in 2006 when access to medical cannabis was limited, and solely through the quality of our service have become one of the most in-demand full-service consultants for medical cannabis in Ontario and Quebec. In the last four years alone, we have designed and built over 65,000 sq ft of production facilities, and have offered our full-range of services for over 100 licensed cannabis enterprises.


Our Services

We are one of the only companies that are able to assist on every single aspect of cannabis cultivation. While some companies offer seed to sale services, we are unique in providing services from the planning stage onward. We offer production floor design and planning, construction and retrofitting, seed genetics, standard growing operating procedures, legal compliance, monitoring and testing services, and everything in-between. And unlike other companies, everything is done in-house, ensuring that you have consistently excellent service.


We are also a registered equipment distributor, with an inventory of over 300 products. This means that we are able to integrate the right equipment for your needs from the very beginning, and able to source all necessary equipment at an extremely competitive price.


Our goal is for you to succeed, and the pathway for how we get there is through learning, collaboration, and quality craftwork. Our expertise is what sets us apart, but our work ethic is what makes us succeed.